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Our center carries out demand-based production. For this reason, in order to be sure that you can get the required number of animals (age, breed, weight...) for the research, contact the center with the laboratory animals unit coordinator in an appropriate time (For example, at least 4 months for a 3 month old animal).

Laboratory Animals Unit Coordinator

Exp. Vet. Dr. F. Emrah SOYLU

Number: 0232-311-4934



 Attention !!

Registration documents required for the initiation of research planned to be conducted at our center:

1- A copy of the ethics committee approval of the research project and a copy of the Ethics Committee work file

2- Study rules form for investigators (signed separately by all investigators who will work in the study)

3- EGEHAYMER application form (signed, 2 copies) and Commitment (signed, 1 copy)

4- Copy of Experimental Animal Use Certificate for each person who will practice on the animal

5- Receipt of the payment or a letter confirming the approval of the project (Tübitak, BAP, ...)

For questions about registration, please contact the secretariat.



Number :  0232 311 4931


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