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Ege University Laboratory Animal Application and Research Center Price List

Xenopus laevis

 Price List



500 TL

Embryo    (Min.50)



Larvae ( to stage )



15 TL /30TL / 45 TL / 75 TL


(to month)

150 TL / 300 TL / 450 TL / 525 TL


Price List


animal price

Daily care


60 TL



80 TL



400 TL



Whole Blood Analysis (hemogram) 150 TL+VAT

Anesthetic drug fees are xylazine 1 ml 15 TL, ketamine 1 ml 30 TL.

Price determination for X-ray, ultrasound, intensive care cabinet, bedside monitor and biochemistry tests will be evaluated within the scope of study-based technical support service. In order to determine the technical support service price, you need to contact the EGEHAYMER Board of Directors.

In diabetes studies, 50% additional care costs will be added to the care fees.

 In order to ensure the supply of animals with the desired characteristics (species, breed, age, sex, weight or number) on the planned research date, apply with EGEHAYMER early, taking into account the production process of the desired animals.

The amount of cages that can be given at a time in single maintenance varies according to the stocks of the center. In projects that require a high amount of cages, supply of cages may not be possible on the desired dates. The individual care fee is calculated according to the research content. Get information from EGEHAYMER during the project planning phase.

You can get information from EGEHAYMER regarding technical support (out of hours care, injection, gavage, surgical intervention, necropsy, anesthesia, tissue sampling, etc.).

EGEHAYMER has permission to supply veterinary products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. You can purchase pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory materials from us. Request information for information or proforma.

In accordance with the relevant letter of the Izmir Tax Office, scientific studies carried out in our Center are exempted from value added tax within the framework of articles 17/1-a and 17/2-a of the VAT law.


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