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EGEHAYMER - Laboratuvar Hayvanları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi

EGEHAYMER is demand-driven production and you should contact the laboratory animals unit coordinator at the appropriate time  (eg at least 4 months before the 3 month animal) to ensure that you can get the required number and characteristics (age, race, weight ...) for your research .
Laboratory Animals Unit Coordinator
DVM. PhD. M. Ayberk OKTAY
Tel No: 0232-311-4950
Registration documents required for the start of the investigations planned in our center:
Photocopy of ethics committee approval
2- Working rules form for researchers (individually signed by all researchers who will work in the research)
3- EGEHAYMER application form (signed, 2 copy)
4. Photocopy of the Certificate of Experimental Animal Use for each person who will apply on the animal
5) Declaration about the payment of the wage or approval of the project (Tübitak, BAP, ...)
Please contact the secretariat for any questions regarding registration.
Tel No: 3114931